Whiplash: a film about music

Whiplash is a film about music released in 2014 and has a duration of 106 minutes. In that same year (2014), the film won more than a dozen awards. Among them we could highlight that it won an Oscar for best sound. It also won the award in the category of best sound at the BAFTA and Satellite Awards. Whiplash was directed and written by Damien Chazelle and starring by Miles Teller (as Andrew) and J.K. Simmons (as Fletcher). 

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The silence in Roma: a tool used to confront us with the truths

We are very used to go to the cinema and listen to sound effects and music in all the scenes of the film we are watching. But, if we think about it, in reality, those sounds don’t exist: swords don’t make that exciting sound, our most tense moments aren’t accompanied by instrumental music and computers don’t make noise when someone tries to hack them.

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The sound of The Arrival (2016)

Let’s talk a little about The Arrival (2016), a film with a double nomination to the Oscars 2017: a better edition and better mix. I have chosen this film because there is an extra component in the audio of the movie because of its impecable design and the way sound is placed within the psychological values of the film. Continue reading


In this post, I will analyze the Audiovisual part of the cinematographic experience “Qlimax, The Source”, an audiovisual production produced by the most important hardstyle music festival producer in the world, Q-dance.

At the arrival of the Covid-19 phenomenon, and the non-celebration of festivals, many festival producers have been obliged to reinvent, in order to be able to offer the public a decent product.

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