Another way to reproduce any kind of audio:

Thanks to the emergence of the technology, nowadays the society has the possibility of creating, edit, control, consume… any kind of audio with a little device that is common in our days, the cell phone.

In the 70’s has been appeared for the first time the cell phones. In those days, this kind of device only has one function, this was the call. In our days, we have 4th generation devices. This kind of cell phones, thanks to the technology evolution, the user can do a lot of things with this gadget. The permission of doing a different kind of things is because the cell phone has the capacity of connection internet. Internet, nowadays, has an important role in our own devices. The sound has experimented changes too. Changes that change the capacity and the form of creation, distribute, consume… With the commercialization of the apps, our cell phone could do any type of thing since editing a track to play an instrument.

Cell phone as a controller:

Electronic music: The style that innovates

There is exist different kinds of apps related to audio. Most of the apps are musical apps. I will talk about this apps, trying to explain different types of audio apps and which function have. However, I looked for some other kind of non-musical apps and I found out some interesting apps that are related to audio.

Firstly, I want to talk about those apps that convert our cell phone into an audio controller. What is an audio controller surface? An audio control surface is a human interface device which allows the user to control a digital audio. Meaning is a control that contains different controls that can be assigned o parameters in the software. It could play a number of functions since audio chain to virtual instruments, samplers, DJ software, music sequences…


Is an app that it works in a modular environment where you can add modules to control Ableton Live or Traktor. It’s a kind of app that permits to control a software sound by your phone or touch surface.



Is an app that relays MIDI messages sent from TouchOSC o any MIDI capable application on your computer or other devices like phones, ipads… With this kind of app, the user could costume his templates to control the software or synthesizer.  It can be used to create a full-blown touch screen DJ controller or a simple remote control DAW (Digital audio workstation) like Logic.

touchosc-screens-01.pngTouch OSC


Djay is an app that transforms your cell phone into a DJ system. It has the particularity that it could relate to the Spotify library, and gives you direct access to all your playlists. This app allows to perform live, record remixes or create an Automix that let de DJ create a mix automatically. It’s intuitive for those that are beginners and loves play music.



Cell phone as creators:

Build music

Our cell phone allows us to create music. Nowadays, the production of music has changed. It permits that everyone could experiment and create their own music. This is produced by different apps that allow playing virtual instruments without knowledge. This kind of apps has predetermined sounds that are in an intuitive surface. However, it has the possibility to connect a MIDI instrument or guitar, microphone…

Also, it has the possibility to edit tracks. Cut, divide, equalize, put effects (fade in/out, delay, rever…), among others.


This is an Apple Software that it reminds a recording studio. It has the possibility to create and edit your music. Every place and time is good to play or record. Garage band has the possibility to play different instruments and play it with your IPhone, IPad or IPod touch.


This app is an audio editing software, that permits record and edits your music, voice and other audio recordings. You can cut, copy, paste parts of recordings, and then add effects like echo, noise reduction… it supports a number of other file formats including vox, gsm, wma… Wavepad

Cell phones as a reproducer:

The common way to consume audio

There are some apps that simulate the traditional reproducer that we have in our computers. Nowadays, the physic music has been out-dated. The young generations do not buy physic music; they rather consume music in platforms. Consume physic music obligates to buy only an album of the same artist with some established tracks. The consumer does not have the possibility of listening to different songs of various artists in one compact disc. Thanks to the platforms like Spotify the consumer can listening to a diversity of artists and tracks any time any place.

With this kind of apps, the consumer brought in his pocket a device that allows playing any song paying a methodical prize. Also, it has the possibility to be reproduced in different devices.


Cell phone as a platform for everybody:


Streaming content is a common way to consume different products in our days. There exist some platforms that allow to you the possibility of uploaded contents in the net. Also, in audio, it’s common that emergent musicians choose this way to share their music. These platforms are available in an app format too. The music that is uploaded to these platforms could listen without any payment. Also, it’s a kind of curriculum for the artist.


Is an online music streaming service that allows for the listening a distribution of radio shows, DJ mixes and, podcasts. Everyone could create an account and upload any kind of audio product. It has the possibility to share your content in the social nets. Also, it converts in a reproducer. The user could listen the content in every moment and place.



Another way of reading

In those days, the technology has improved a lot. The consequence of that is that the society has the need to consume in different ways. The traditional way has been obsoleted, so most firms want to get into another way of doing their products.

Audiobooks is a type of app that introduce to you at the world of the readers in a different way as the traditional way. Audiobook app has the possibility to consume books but only via audio.




The future

To conclude, nowadays there exist different reasons and consequences that has to produce a change in the way that audio is consumed. The society lives with a little device that is their whole life. So, the firms must be on alert and know which manner of consuming has the society. Audio in our cell phones has been experiment a lot of changes that produce different products through apps. Most the people consume through their apps in their cell phones.

In the future, I do not how the technology will develop, but if it continues developing as faster as now it could be the possibility to consume audio with a virtual reality without any kind of device.


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