The humanity of the human sense – Interstellar (2014)

The soundtrack that I would like to analyze for the “Digital Audio”  would be part of Christopher Nolan’s film, “Interstellar”, one of the best films that my eyes have had the fortune to see.

I know that a great movie can not miss a great soundtrack, a soundtrack that is capable of transmitting every feeling that emerges in the story and not only that, but also describes how each character feels in each of the actions who decides to take.

Cooper Dilemma

Although it is necessary to choose, since Interstellar is full of great themes and with great importance but I have decided to choose those that for me are representative of this great film: the first one is called by some as the “Cooper Dilemma”. I leave this video where to understand part of what I will explain you will need to hear this great topic:

After listening to this great soundtrack, I would like to reiterate the reason of its importance in the overall of the film. For those of you who have not seen the film (I hope you are not too many since it is one of the best films ever made) the film is (briefly explained) about the life of a father that in the difficult decision to save humanity or staying with his family decides to choose the first one knowing that maybe he would never see them again.

After he begins his path to salvation, the same film tells us what happens to his family and how Cooper’s decision is influencing both his decision-making and the feeling of the family. A story of overcoming where the topic of “The Journey of the Hero” is reflected, where crossing from the ordinary to the extraordinary is shaped as never before. In the end, Cooper wants as anyone else is to get what he wants and come back to share it.

With that I just explained to you, it should be enough to understand the meaning of this topic. His name “Stay” gives strength and meaning to that dilemma that is the central emotional conflict of the whole plot.


Cooper on his mission to save the humanity.

Before jumping to the other soundtrack I would also like to add a video with some scenes of this dilemma so that you can relate both sound and image to help your understanding.

Cornfield Chase

Let’s move on to the other topic that I would like to talk about because of its relevance and this is the subject called “Cornfield Chase”. Before I start talking about him, I leave you with his representative scene so that you can also relate it to his visual element and not only the sound, but also to find him in the temporary space of the film:

In this scene we can see Cooper and his family, his eldest son and his little daughter. We observe how the three decide, in an act of “madness”, to follow a drone that flies over the corn field (reference to the name of the subject) with a busted wheel.

There is something quite good about the scene. Not only is it a well-directed, fast-paced scene but it also egnds up being the perfect example of making the most out of something fairly ordinary. The music is beautiful – for me the best song on the soundtrack – and makes the sequence, in my opinion, incredible. Despite Interstellar having several other scenes that are far more spectactular, the scene stuck with me after this time.

What Nolan and also Hans Zimmer wanted to do was to take something “normal”- a car chasing a drone through a cornfield – and turn it into something beautiful and magical. I also think that this scene is not only what we saw, it also provides us a lesson in life.

This scene teaches us an act of overcoming, we see how Cooper even with a busted wheel of the car and with the responsibility of carrying and protecting his children sees how a drone surpasses him and his desire to discover and explore leads him to lose that fear and go with their children to “their dreams”. His children do not stop him, on the contrary, they support him and decide to help him in this little adventure. The help of your children, of the people that really matter to you, gives you that strength to overcome every obstacle, that’s the important thing.

The way in which music accompanies this feeling of confidence and encouragement to excel when you meet yours is sublime. As I said before, a scene apparently so “daily” thanks to the magic of sound becomes a scene that I will remember all my life.


A good conclusion for this film would be to mention Christopher Nolan and also the author of his soundtrack, Hans Zimmer. This combination has led to an incredible film and, without a doubt, to what is going to be one of the best (if not the best) soundtrack of any movie during this 21st century.

By the way, I’ll leave you here the complete tracklist so you can listen to it while doing your things or just in case you want to enjoy it:

Each sound, any music in “Interstellar” it’s important because as Hans Zimmer said:

Anything can become a musical sound. The wind on telegraph wires is a great sound; get it into your machine and play it and it becomes interesting.

If you want to know more about Interstellar and its soundtrack, you can visit my prezi that I also did for this post! Click here.

Sources – Check it out!

In addition, and to finish, to understand the soundtrack of this film and be able to relate it to what I have seen, I had to seek some help. Here below I will leave the link to some web pages or YouTube videos that, in my opinion, are the best to understand everything related to “Interstellar” and its BSO, I use some of them for helping me to reach the information that I wanted to show you:

1.- In Beatburguer they analise the clues to understand what they called the best soundtrack of the 21st Century.

2.- In MundoBSO they make a little review where they explain its data sheet, the argument and also like a personal opinion of the writer. They also bring us a fantastic video where Conrado (a teacher of UVic) starts a debate against Jaime Altonazo. Two monster’s of the OST world talking to each other. What else can we need?

3.- Binaural show us her point of view of what they call as a “the soundtrack of the stars”. Great post where we can check some interesting points about the film and its connexion with the soundtrack. It’s a short post but, for me, its interesting to see other people’s opinion.

4.- Jaime Altozano don’t need any presentation. Is by far one of the greatest reviewer’s of YouTube in terms of music, soundtracks and stuff like this. If you want to learn secrets about the film and the soundtrack, check out this video.

5.- Movie Wave make one of the greatest reviews I have seen from this film. It’s literally a post where the author talks and compare’s the film and its soundtrack with other great films like Gladiator or Inception. It talks about the genre of music we listen and how they did it.

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