In this post, I will analyze the Audiovisual part of the cinematographic experience “Qlimax, The Source”, an audiovisual production produced by the most important hardstyle music festival producer in the world, Q-dance.

At the arrival of the Covid-19 phenomenon, and the non-celebration of festivals, many festival producers have been obliged to reinvent, in order to be able to offer the public a decent product.

This made that the producer, decided, to involve people in an audiovisual experience.

Which experiences, and innovates in the senses referring to audio, entering the viewer in a very special and deep atmosphere, and obviously not disappointed, in the visual sector, as it offers the best plans and a very careful and professional post-production.

Of the 7 acts, I have chosen the third act to analyze.

 in each act there are different DJs who make their own anthem, honoring the festival, each with a different atmosphere.

In the piece i have chosen, a voice-over appears in the foreground, to which they have added a slighted pitch filter, that is, a filter to make the voice deeper, helping to make the atmosphere more mysterious.

Apart from that they are helped with different sound effects to complement it, such as doors opening, or rise-ups, which complement very well with the ambient sound that they also add to create this atmosphere that he commented on.

like all environments, they serve so that the sound design is not unreal, that is, absolute silence does not exist, so there is always “something” that sounds, if it is in the forest, a forest environment (leaves, birds ..etc), and in this case, the producer opts for a more mysterious atmosphere, which help along with the voice and narrative of the music.

And finally the music, a music created by the production of the video, which brings together two voices (male and female) that brings together two styles, one more classical in piano format, and another more melodic style in hardstyle format, which blend perfectly.

As for the mixture, they merge it as follows:

In the foreground is the music, which is the goal of the narrative, in the second place, the voice, which serves as a transition between the different music, the sound effects, and finally in a more background, the environment , which means that when none of the above acts, it is not silent.

In conclusion, i find that they cure the whole audiovisual subject very well, i think that in this case they wanted to express certain atmospheres ans i think that they help a lot with the audio and the image to achieve it.

In the other hand, i would say that a good conclusion for this speech would be the covid-19 phenomen, because the creation and production of these audiovisual product is due to the covid consequences, and it won’t be done if this didn’t happen, so i think sometimes, difficult times make us to dapt to circumstances.


FESTIVALSEASON (2020). Qlimax The Source ya está disponible en Netflix [EN LÍNEA].

Recuperado de https://www.festivalseason.es/qlimax-the-source-netflix/Festival Season

Q-DANCE (2020). Qlimax The Source [EN LÍNEA].

Recuperado de https://www.q-dance.com/en/events/qlimax/qlimax-the-source/

ELECTRIC DUST (2020). Qlimax The Source llegará a tu TV [EN LÍNEA].

Recuperado de https://www.electricdust.net/qlimax-the-source-llegara-a-tu-tv/

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