A Quiet Place (2018): The absence of sound as a narrative medium

From the first moment and during the following minutes, the staging establishes an inhospitable stage of great danger, in which silence has become the only means of survival, and in which relations have adapted to an unprotected reality and stripped of a certain portion of free will.

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Noise reduction and audio restoration

Background noise is contamination or interference in the audio that is not part of the desired sound. Mess up the audio. Audio restoration, also known as digitization, is the process of converting an audio to a digital format. Continue reading

Sound technology in video, film and home cinema


Sometimes in the world of cinema, we gave much importance to the image and we forget about sound. But as the audiovisual word indicates, sound is an equal or more important part. In this post, we will make a brief review of the history of sound in the world of cinema and how technology has evolved over the years.

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