In this post we will define the concepts of amplitude and gain. We will also introduce the enveloping edition method we can use in a digital audio edition program (like Soundbooth and Audition). Finally we will also talk about three different edit processes we can apply to sound through this mentioned programs: normalization, inverting and flipping. Continue reading


Electronic instruments

History and classification

First of all I would to talk about the history of the electronic instruments. Probably, the ‘Telharmonium’ was the first instrument to appear. It’s so big, approximately 200 tons and it composes differents objectes to make sounds.The sounds of the telharmonium are similar to the sounds of the piano or the organ.Also are other instruments that make history like the ‘Theremin’. It’s the first instrument of the history played without touch it (1919-1920). A few years later, was the ‘Ondes Martenot’ an instrument that revolutioned the musicians of the time. Continue reading



digital soundThe digital age is becoming latent in modern society of XXI century. Continuous technological advances have managed to perfect electronic devices, picture and especially sound, reaching unimaginable heights of quality; the line between what is virtual reality ever closer. In this post I will discuss three types of formats, created “recently”, capable of producing high definition audio: DVD-Audio, SACD and HFPA. Continue reading