Inside Llewyn Davis: Folk music in live

Music is a vital part in movies, it pushes the audience to a superior and more sensitive state where the feelings break out easily. But little times the music is played live in the film itself. That’s why I humbly bring Inside Llewyn Davis directed by the Coen brothers, a film in which the actors sing and play live and direct. But before that, a little bit of context. Continue reading

The sound of The Arrival (2016)

Let’s talk a little about The Arrival (2016), a film with a double nomination to the Oscars 2017: a better edition and better mix. I have chosen this film because there is an extra component in the audio of the movie because of its impecable design and the way sound is placed within the psychological values of the film. Continue reading

Sound technology in video, film and home cinema


Sometimes in the world of cinema, we gave much importance to the image and we forget about sound. But as the audiovisual word indicates, sound is an equal or more important part. In this post, we will make a brief review of the history of sound in the world of cinema and how technology has evolved over the years.

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