Death Stranding: How the sound makes us less of a journey

This video game title has challenged many barriers within the Triple A market, its proposal challenges a new way of understanding the blockbuster that in turn, is a challenge to its director to differentiate himself from his original works in Konami, the Metal Gear Solid saga.

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The Underrated Ones

Sound in the movie Moneyball

By: Zhaklin Peycheva, 2nd April, 2020

Gossip girl here. But today is not about gossip

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever truly listened to a movie or found meaning to sound? I knew you didn’t. Today we are going to talk about one of the very important features of a movie, which is usually the most underrated one: sound. Speaking of underrated the movie that I choose is Moneyball, it is a movie about a baseball coach (Brad Pitt), who decides to make a team based on statistics and gathers the most underrated players in the League. The movie was chosen, because it is a textbook of the work of sound. 

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Luxo Jr. – The Little Lamp that changed Cinema (and Sound Design)

PIXARs animated movies made millions of childrens eyes glow. Characters like Buzz Lightyear, Wall-E or Nemo made us laugh and cry and captured our heart. But there is another hero, one that has been a highlight (Pun intended) of every PIXAR movie. The jumping lamp from the companies logo. It is probably the most lovable lamp in film history, and this article will tell you what clever sound design had to do with it.

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The silence in Roma: a tool used to confront us with the truths

We are very used to go to the cinema and listen to sound effects and music in all the scenes of the film we are watching. But, if we think about it, in reality, those sounds don’t exist: swords don’t make that exciting sound, our most tense moments aren’t accompanied by instrumental music and computers don’t make noise when someone tries to hack them.

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