An essential song with multiple purposes in Inception


The 2010 film Inception won the Oscars for Best achievements in sound mixing and Best achievements in sound editing, but they also won Best achievement in cinematography and in visual effects. Besides, the film was nominee for Best motion picture, Best writing (original screenplay), Best achievement in art direction and Best achievement in music written for motion pictures for its original scores. So Inception shines in all of the categories. Here we’ll analyze its music.

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The silence in Roma: a tool used to confront us with the truths

We are very used to go to the cinema and listen to sound effects and music in all the scenes of the film we are watching. But, if we think about it, in reality, those sounds don’t exist: swords don’t make that exciting sound, our most tense moments aren’t accompanied by instrumental music and computers don’t make noise when someone tries to hack them.

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